The Martial Arts

The martial arts of Japan have gained prevalence now in India as well as a sport and a self-defense mechanism. Karate meaning Empty Hands is a sport practiced unarmed. Though it demands intense workout and physical training to develop the fighting skills, yet it is valued by all alike be it male or a female.

In today’s world, we are faced with crimes of violence, we concede that no one can defend himself or herself against an aggressor armed with weapons but, our training will ignite the latent ‘flight or fight response ’ of self-protection that has helped the mankind to sustain through the ages.

At Vidya International Sports Academy, the Karate Trainer teaches the various moves with a passion for effectively building upon the practitioner’s physical and mental discipline because that is what the true essence of the sport is all about. Students follow the instructor with sincerity and practice with the dedication and passion for learning the skills of karate. As a game, it helps in developing a powerful character and builds a deep feeling of respect towards fellow beings, which is very vital in life.

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